Hack. Create. Team up.
A pivotal moment for your career. A perfect opportunity for team building. A place to learn, and, more importantly, unlearn. Time for trying fearlessly and failing fast. At Belka&Strelka, we love hackathons.
48 hours for one big step
Hackathon is a whole life packed up in 2 days. We crash test ideas and teams like no other, because we literally learned it from NASA.
At the hackathon everyone is expected to show their best, and even more. We create perfect conditions to turn a group of strangers into a real team. We give an opportunity to show off people's expertise under pressure, so they would fall in love with their job again. We encourage students and young professionals to learn from the mentors, and immediately try out their new skills and tools.
There is nothing like being a part of a hackathon, and we are willing to share this experience with you.
Why hack with us
Hackathon as a hiring event
Why waste time searching for single candidates, when you can meet them all in one place? Get people to play with your product, put a bounty on bugs and vulnerabilities, see them in action. Hackathon is a place to show off your skills, and be a leader, so make one instead of countless job interviews. You will be surprised to see who comes to play.
Head hunt with us
Hackathon for team building
Burnout is no joke, and another bowling party won't fix your team spirit. Want to fall back in love with your job, get to know your teammates, and discover their real potential? Send them hacking. See what real challenges can do.
Reboot your team
Hackathon for change
It's not just for the developers. Designers, marketing specialists, copywriters, project managers, and even artists can hack, too. Where there's a seemingly unsolvable problem, there's a place for new approach. Hack through this together, be it e-government, healthcare, or social issue.
Change the world

Let your ideas grow, hack them with us!

See what we can do
From space ships to parliamentary elections, we've hacked them all.
Book a hackathon with us
Let's team up and create something incredible. It all starts with a single letter.
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