Space Events Agency
We host scientific shows and edutainment events for all ages and backgrounds in Odessa, Ukraine. Everybody needs more space, and we never fail to deliver.
What We Do
Our mission is to make space exploration approachable. We offer workshops and fun quests for children, we invite adults see familiar concepts in a new way, and we connect scientists with a broader audience of space exploration geeks.
What happens when space geeks go offline? A picture is worth a thousand words!
NASA Space Apps Challenge
We host the world's largest hackathon in Odessa since 2017.
Ideathon with Odessa National University
We rebooted Odessa's botanical garden and observatory during the weekend.
Blockchain Hackfest
We hosted the first international hackfest organized by Korean blockchain company Wizbl.
Family Rocket Day
A teacher invited us to organize a lecture and workshop for 5th-graders in a local gymnasium.
Quest in Observatory
We collaborate with the local Observatory all the time. One of our favorite events is a "Fly me to the exoplanet" quest.
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